Sage EasyPay is a leading payroll and human resource management software trusted by over 18,000 businesses in Singapore, Indonesia and throughout South East Asia.

As global and local business landscapes are constantly changing, our product offers various modules that fulfil the demand of HR practitioners for a system that is not just reliable and efficient, but also configurable, intuitive to use and able to handle ad-hoc and unexpected cases.

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Core Module

The Sage EasyPay Core Module allows you to manage employees’ employment and personal information.

  • Gives you a quick overview of all employee information
  • Easily manages employees’ career progression
  • Categorizes different employment types, such as contract staff and part-timers
  • Automatically reminds you of important dates such as work permit expiry and employee confirmation date
  • Allows Excel import & export
Reports Available
  • Company, Personnel & Employment Reports
  • Basic Rate & Career Progression Reports
  • New Join, Confirmation, Cessation, Retirement & Staff Movement Reports
  • Education, Family & Birthday Reports
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Cost Centre Module
Sage EasyPay Cost Centre Module allows companies to allocate cost and accrual items to cost centres. This solution also integrates with Sage ERP and other accounting solutions.
  • Flexibly maps pay items to general ledger account
  • Easily configures accrual formula for pay items
  • Automatically pro-rates cost for employees working in multiple cost centres
  • Posts payroll cost directly to Sage ERP
Reports Available
  • Cost Centre Progression Report
  • Cost Summary Report
  • Cost Centre Report
  • Cost Averaging Report

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Time Attendance System in Singapore and Throughout South East Asia

Sage EasyTime is a valued addition to our successful suite of Sage EasyPay modules. This attendance system takes employee time management to another level by leveraging on the functionality of the Sage EasyPay Human Resource Management and Payroll software.

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Sage EasyPay Employee Self-Service Module (ePortal) is an intuitive online portal that allows each employee to get access to his or her HR information such as pay, leave and claims details anytime, anywhere. This fully integrated system streamline HR administration by eliminating manual processes.
  • Reduces error and saves resources by eliminating manual data entry
  • Enforces leave and claim policy
Self-Service Features
  • Leave
  • Claims
  • Training
  • Appraisal
  • Recruitment

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HR Module
Sage EasyPay HR Module allows you to effectively manage every other aspect of an employee apart from payroll matters.
  • Allows different medical claim policies to be assigned to individuals or groups at different transaction and period limits
  • Monitors medical claim balance, capping limits and historical records
  • Keeps track of employee training details such as course fees, subsidies, grants and certificates
  • Allows customisable appraisal forms and grading systems, with bonus and incentives linkable to Pay Module
Reports Available
  • Medical
  • Training
  • Appraisal
  • Items Issued
  • Recruitment
  • Award / Discipline
  • Job History

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Leave Module
Sage EasyPay Leave Module provides all the necessary templates, leave types, calendars and reports commonly used  by private and public organisations. Yet, it allows you to create your own calendars, policies and leave types.
  • Allows different leave policies with unlimited leave types to be assigned to individuals or groups
  • Flexible leave allocation method
  • Manage leave entitlement based on Anniversary or Calendar method
Reports Available
  • Leave Details Taken Report
  • Leave Entitlement Report
  • Leave Costing Report
  • Leave Provision Report
  • Leave Type & Setup Listings

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Pay Module

Sage EasyPay Pay Module empowers you to manage payrolls completely from data gathering, to payroll and tax calculations,  right down to submissions. It enables you to track and manage each employee’s pay while computing bonuses and  incentives based on user-defined criteria and formulas.

  • Complies to the latest statutory requirement
  • Supports various bank and government submissions
  • Allows various pay elements to be easily automated by group or individuals such as overtime and casual payment
  • Provides a quick look at any employee’s pay history
Reports Available
  • Employee Report
  • Setup Report
  • Pay Record Report
  • Statistic Report
  • Government Form
  • Pay & Bonus Analysis Reports
  • Payroll Summary Report

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Project Costing Module
Sage EasyPay Project Costing Module tracks employee resources in different projects and distributes the cost back to  respective projects after payroll processing.
  • Keeps track of employees project details
  • Allows automatic cost centre mapping and cost pro-ration by project
  • Analyzes project cost by employee
Reports Available
  • OT Record Report
  • Shift Record Report
  • Leave Deduction Report
  • Pay Element Report
  • Basic Rate Record Report

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